Open edX Background

What is Open edX?

Open edX refers to its two components: the Open edX Platform and the Open edX Community. The Open edX Platform, a scaleable web-based platform, empowers both course authors and learners. It consists of the Learning Management System (LMS) and the Content Management System (CMS). The LMS provides access to course content and supporting infrastructure to learners, course teams, and instructors. The CMS, also known as the Open edX Studio, empowers the authoring of custom learning experiences with the latest in instructional design. This open source project is supported by an international community working together to create this multiuse platform. The Open edX Community consists of tCRIL, the nonprofit organization that runs the project, and a number of core and individual contributors. For more information, see:

More About the Open edX Community

The Open edX community is international and includes those writing code to further the Open edX platform’s capabilities, those authoring courses on a wide variety of Open edX instances, operators of those instances, instructional designers, translators, and more. The community is furthering the Open edX mission and expanding the reach and impact via numerous working groups and through the growing core contributor program.

More About the Technical Side of the Open edX Platform

The Open edX Platform has a reasonably large codebase consisting of a monolith and a variety of microservices. The main platform code is hosted on GitHub here. The Open edX Platform is a scaleable web-based platform that empowers course authors and learners of the Learning Management System (LMS) and the Content Management System (CMS). There are a number of services and extensions that reside outside of the core repository, such as Xblocks and Micro Frontends. For a deeper dive, check out: