First Steps

Work Laptop

Check your personal email for login instructions from IT.

Work email

Look for an email asking you to change your password that mentions “the Center for Reimagining Learning”. Submit a new password, and sign into your now accessible account.


Set up an account with Jira/Confluence by clicking the sign-in icon in the top right, and setting up your account via Google SSO using your tCRIL email address. Verify your email address using the link sent from Jira. Use the grid of nine dots in the upper left corner to switch between Jira and Confluence.

You’ll also need to get yourself added to the TCRIL Atlassian Group. File an issue to get yourself access. Sample Text:

Hello,  I just joined the tCRIL engineering team and would like to be added
to the `TCRIL` Atlassian Team.


Your new level of access will let you change the visibility of pages. Making private pages public is a tricky legal matter though so don’t make them public unless you’ve spoken with the team first. Archiving pages is OK.

Set up an account on by selecting the Google Account option using the Sign Up button in the upper right. Use a email address or SSO.


Using your personal account for work now? Better change the email too. You will be getting many notifications a day and you’ll want them all in one place. Use the GitHub email settings and the GitHub notifications settings to add your email address and change where the notifications go. Be sure to enable 2 Factor Authentication within GitHub Security Settings.

Google SSO Services

Once you have access to your tCRIL google account, you’ll also have access to a bunch of services that are setup for SSO(Single Sign-On) via Google.

You can find a list of services hooked up via SSO on our Google Workspace Dashboard


Keeper is the password management service we use at tCRIL and you should be able to login via the Google Workspace Dashboard

Before anyone can share credentials with you, you’ll need to login to the service at least once so that your Keeper account can be created and associated with your tCRIL google account.

Once you’ve logged into Keeper, let your manager know that you have done so, so they can give you access to any folders you will need to do your job.