Meeting your Coworkers

Send a Slack Message to the Team

Introduce yourself to the team with a Slack Message to the tcril-team channel. Share the amount of personal information you are comfortable with. And feel free to ask an ice-breaker question at the end to engage your coworkers.

Here’s an example:

Hello @channel!
My name is Bob Smith, and I’m excited to join tCRIL.
I am originally from New York, NY, USA and currently live in Cambridge, MA, USA.
I’ve worked 5 years as a Software Engineer.
My favorite type of food is Pizza.
My favorite movie is Back to the Future.
What’s everyone’s favorite animal?

Meet with Manager to review 30/60/90

Your first couple of days at tCRIL are very important to ensuring the type of success you deserve to achieve. Meeting with your manager to discuss a plan that will guide your first 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, and beyond will start you off on the right foot.

Set up Social 1-on-1’s

While the Open edX community is very large, tCRIL is a smaller group. Take some time out of your schedule to set up Social 1-on-1’s to get to know your coworkers better.

Check out the Organization Chart

While tCRIL is a smaller organization, there may still be some confusion on who to ask questions to. Familiarize yourself with the Organization Chart and it will be easier to ask questions to the right person when the time comes. If you are a full-time employee, you can access the Organization Chart on Paylocity (from the header “HR” > “Org Chart”). If you are a contract employee, ask your manager for a current copy.

Participate in Standups

Every morning, the Engineering team gathers together in a short meeting called a Standup. Use this meeting to sync up with the rest of your team on progress being made on project tasks. Non-Engineering team members are welcome to drop in on standup meetings, otherwise check with your manager on team-specific meetings relevant to you.


Joining a teammate on a task may help you familiarize yourself with the way to complete a task. Ask your teammates to join you in working on a task, and work together to make progress.